Practice Teams

Clinical Teams

GP Teams

There are 3 teams — Blue Team, Green Team, and Red Team.

All patients are allocated a “Usual Doctor” They are the named doctor in the practice who looks after you.  Which team you are in depends on who your usual doctor is.

You will normally be booked in to see your Usual Doctor or a member of their team.

Blue Team

Dr Dilini Kalupahana
GP Partner
Dr Hannah Carter

General Practitioner

Dr Jane Sackville-West

General Practitioner

Dr Olivia Twose

General Practitioner

Green Team

Dr Sarah Worboys

GP Partner

Dr Jessica Baron

General Practitioner

Dr Francisco Rivas Garrote

General Practitioner

Dr Laila Morris

General Practitioner

Red Team

Dr Jonathan Levy
GP Partner
Dr Philip Posner
GP Partner
Dr Devon Billington

General Practitioner

Dr Sally Higginbottom

General Practitioner

Dr Nadia Sohail

General Practitioner

Dr Lauren Trisk
General Practitioner

Nursing Team

Saloni Gaglani

Lead Nurse

Camelia Bogateanu
Practice Nurse
Krisztina Cserhalmi
Practice Nurse
Joyce Kakina

Practice Nurse

Fatima Mateus

Practice Nurse (On Maternity Leave)

Louise Patten
Practice Nurse

Allied Health Care Professionals

Rudolf Larbi

Health Care Assistant

Liam MCardle


Richard Mitchell

Advanced Paramedic

Qaes Rustame

Lead Pharmacist

Neeshma Shah
Clinical Pharmacist
Anahita Shiran

Prescribing Pharmacist

Minh Tran


Practice Staff


Prithipal Bhambra

Operations Partner

Farha Uddin

Practice Manager

Emily Histed

Finance Manager 

Nurun Mahmud

Director of Quality and Performance

Joanne Miller

Quality & Performance Manager


Samirah Choudhury-Khan

Senior Care Coordinator

Leigh Cork

Deputy Administration Manager

Cansu Ozdemir

Senior Care Coordinator/Complaints Coordinator


Yaseen Ali

Deputy Reception Manager

Manisha Kaur

Senior Receptionist

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