Before you Register

1. Check that you're in our Area

You must be within our catchment area to be guaranteed onto our list.


If you're not in the area, you can still apply to register.

Please read this information before applying as not all out of area applications are accepted. We do not provide home visits to patients outside of the area and some local services may be unavailable to you.

2. If you are registering a Child Under 5

Please remember to bring in their Red Book on first presentation to the practice!


Why do we need this?

We need this so that we know which immunisations to offer your child, when they are due and if they have missed any as well as to gather information about your Child such as their conditions, allergies and medications if they take any.

3. If you are registering a Child Under 16

At least one of the Parents or main carers must also be registered with us.

4. If you need an Easy Read Form

Easy read forms are available to download here.

This is a long form, it may be useful to have to hand:

NHS Number (if you have one)
Address of your previous doctors surgery (if you have one)
Date you arrived in the UK (if you are from abroad)
Your EHIC Card or PRC (If you do not ordinarily live in the UK and have one of these)
Your Armed Forces personnel number and start date (If you served in the Armed Forces)

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