International Delegations

We are honored to have had many international delegations visit the practice. Delegations attend for half, full or several day seminars to learn about the innovative, integrated general practice health care provided at the James Wigg Practice.

Topics covered include:

  • integration of general practice with hospital care;
  • social care and the charitable sector;
  • the structure and financing of NHS general practice;
  • multidisciplinary team delivered health care;
  • managing demand, improving access, the training of GPs;
  • nurses and paramedics in general practice;
  • incorporating technology into general practice;
  • social prescribing;
  • chronic disease management;
  • paediatric and geriatric care pathways.

The practice has been recognised nationally with visits from the former UK prime minister, Theresa May, the secretary of state for health Matthew Hancock and the chief executive of the National Health Service.

The practice has also been recognised internationally with a visit from the Chinese Health Minister Madame Li Bin, delegations from Singapore, Brazil, and New Zealand.

We provide tours and seminars showcasing innovative approaches to delivering primary care in our Royal Institute of Architects award winning health centre.

Nurses from Zhejiang Provence, China

The visit from the nurses was from 20th September 2019

Egyptian Primary Care Delegations, Port Said Egypt.

This visit was in July 2019 with another one planned for January 2020.

This visit was in May 2019

Minister for Health for UK, Former Prime Minister and the Chief Executive of the NHS

Minster for Health Matt Hancock (left), former Prime Minster Theresa May (Centre) and the Chief Executive of the NHS, Simon Stevens (Right) in December 2018

The Minster for Health for China

Madame Li Bin (Centre)

Opening Hours

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Fri. 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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