Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Judy Hildebrand, Mannor Wong, Eddie Malfiggiani, Gordon Meen, Jonny Bucknell, Kirsten de Keyser, Robert Graham-Harrison, Kathy Graham-Harrison, Judy Sands, Susan Hutton.

Practice: Loni Booker, Dilini Kalupahana, Mashida Begum, Roy Macgregor (Freespace)


Isky Gordon, Donatella Soldi, Veronica Brinton


It was noted that the minutes from 22 November had not been uploaded to the website.



Kathy Graham-Harrison fed back on:

  • Consultations taking place about Moorfields Eye Hospital moving to the St Pancras Hospital site
  • Extended hours service, and which GP practices are using it most. One PPG member reported a positive experience in using the service.
  • Consultations are continuing on medicines which may be removed from prescription lists


Roy Macgregor presented the charity FreeSpace which is funded by the Kentish Town Improvement Fund. FreeSpace started when the building was built in 2008, thus sprung floors in the Gym (for dancing) and picture hanging rails amongst other items were incorporated from the start. The following are some of the social prescribing services provided by Freespace:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Art projects and workshops
  • Resident artist
  • Baby singalong for under 5 year olds
  • Citizens’ Advice
  • Cycle maintenance
  • Dance for patients with Parkinsons
  • Drawing for people with Aphasia/neurological difficulties
  • Chronic pain group

For more information about events and exhibitions run by Freespace, PPG members can subscribe to their newsletter by emailing: [email protected] and asking to be put on their mailing list.


PPG member, Judy Hildebrand, has been helping one day a week with the reception queue. She spoke about her experience, and made a number of recommendations:

  • Putting a sign indicating where to put specimens so people dont join the queue unnecessarily.
  • The first check in machine does not work consistently. It needs checking.
  • All relevant forms should be permanently available ON the counter so they can be given to patients rather than them queuing to ask for them e.g registration in the practice.
  • A much larger visible sign required confirming that In Health patients do not need to check in.
  • If possible avoiding situations when it appears that no-one is at reception – ie there is only one person on duty and she/he has had to go into the office for further information.
  • Attention needs to be paid to daily room usage which needs confirming regularly. Eg for clinics such as Diabetes which are not necessarily in the same rooms each time.

Loni Booker thanked Judy for her work, and said that the Reception Staff found her presence extremely helpful. Several patients had also expressed appreciation for Judy’s assistance.

ACTION: Loni to follow up on recommendations

A lively discussion took place about the issue of inadequate signage, which is in the hands of the landlord (Community Health Partnership) who say they do not have any funds with which to change things.

Susan Hutton volunteered to check with other services using the building to see if they also have complaints. It was agreed that the PPG would then approach the landlord again.

ACTION: Gill to get services list to Susan.

Regarding the online enrolment, a working meeting will take place 9.30 – 10.30am on Friday 8th March 2019 at James Wigg practice to discuss how to get more patients to sign up.

ACTION: Gill to email PPG members interested about where the meeting will take place


  • James Wigg and her sister practice at Queen’s Crescent are soon to be fully merged.
  • As from the 1st April the ear irrigation service will end (it is an unfunded service). Patients will be referred to the appropriate hospital where necessary.

6. AOB

A short discussion ensued on issues PPG members had raised in relation to patients who do not attend their appointments (DNAs) and on feeling harassed when GPs say at the beginning of a consultation that they only have 12 minutes.


Thursday 9 May, 2-3.30 (to be confirmed)

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