Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Gordon Meen, Susan Hutton, Kathy Graham-Harrison, Robert Graham-Harrison, Isky Gordon, Judy Hildebrand, Jony Bucknoll, Eddie Malfiggiani, Veronica Brinton

Practice: Dilini Kalupahana (GP partner), Loni Booker (Practice Manager)



  • Telephone Service: An extra option to speak to a receptionist has been added.

2. REPORT BACK FROM CPPEG (Kathy Graham Harrison)

Kathy reminded everyone that CPPEG holds open meetings four times a year, and that everyone is welcome at these meetings. They cover various aspects of health services in Camden, and give a useful perspective on what is available in Camden, and some of the issues the CCG is dealing with. They are usually in the afternoons, between 2-4 pm and everyone is welcome. There are also two forums which are open to PPG members. Held twice a year, these are in the evenings, between 6 and 8.30pm and again, provide a chance to discuss issues of interest to GP practice in Camden, and the role of PPGs. Notices of these meetings are circulated to the email list.


Diabetes Program (Robert Graham Harris and Gill Walt)

Quite a few diabetes patients turned up, and received individual help and advice from the nurses available. General discussion was limited, however.

Living Will

Few waiting in reception showed interest in Isky Gordon’s table full of information regarding living wills. He did have one prolonged conversation with a patient.

Reception queue

Four PPG members worked the queue, Veronica Brinton and Susan Hutton on Monday and Judy Hildebrand and Mimi Colahan on Friday of Self Care Week. They were able to help with the following:

  • Prescription requests and pick up
  • Checking in to other services
  • Electronic check-in
  • patient access and pharmacy
  • Sample deposit and collection
  • Help with broken lift
  • Giving room location information


  • Room signage needs to be improved.
  • Patients need to be informed when lifts out of order
  • In-Health needs to be more proactive in helping their patients
  • 40 people signed up for Patient Access during the week

It was agreed the PPG write once again to the Management of the KTHC regarding signage. A small group will also explore the possibilities of helping to get more patients registered on Patient Access.


Reception Audit:

Patients in queue are waiting to:

  • Request prescriptions
  • Check in to other services
  • Book appointments
  • Drop off samples
  • Pick up prescriptions

Following the care week results, it was agreed that we should consider the following:

  • Having regular slots for PPG members to help the queue
  • Registration of new patients to be done on a dedicated iPad
  • Only 18% of patients are registered for Patient Access. It was suggested the PPG might do a survey to find out why people don’t register

Flu jabs

These were difficult to implement this year, There were 2 vaccines, for over and under 65 years old, and there was a problem with supply which is now resolved.


The Practice suggested that the PPG could be more actively involved in the Newsletter: for example, have a space entitled “PPG Voice”. Positive comments would be welcome, as well as constructive criticism.

Reception training and referrals are being reviewed as part of the Practice’s QUIP (Quality and Improvement Project). Receptionists currently undertake around 99 tasks, and at the moment there are 4 levels of staff.

5. AOB

One PPG member mentioned seeing a pamphlet “Poems in the Waiting Room” which she thought would be a great addition to the reception space.

Judy Hildebrand said she would be happy to help with the Reception queue on a regular basis.

6. DATES OF MEETINGS IN 2019 (to be confirmed)

Thursday 28 February; 16 May, 18 July; 19 September

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