Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Adam Leys, Kathy Graham-Harrison, Susan Hutton, Gordon Meen, Jonnie Bucknell, Philippa Fraser.

Practice: Natasha Smeaton (GP) Loni Booker (Practice Manager), Jonathan Levy (Managing Partner).


Veronica Brinton, Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Isky Gordon, Judy Hildebrand, Judy Sands, Sheila Sansbury and Joanna Terry.


There was warm support for the proposal that Gill Walt and Mimi Colahan continue as Chair and Vice Chair.


Daniel Regan outlined some of the activities Freespace have planned for the year:

  • Lottery funding has been secured for a series of 30 workshops using photography to explore themes of emotions, well –being, and self. Each workshop will  accommodate 10 people, be about 2 hours in length and will hopefully start in May.
  • A further grant application has been submitted to support 6 artists in residence over a two year period.
  • Mel is leaving the project shortly and Daniel will be working alone, three days a week. Art exhibitions will continue, but run for longer periods of four months.
  • Freespace provides a number of other activities as part of social prescribing, including aromatherapy, Baby Singalong Dance for Parkinson’s among other things. For more information look at their website: There may be opportunities for volunteering – those interested could contact Daniel at [email protected].


  1. Three patients – Sally Sansbury, Isky Gordon and Susan Hutton had been to focus groups organized by NHS England or Camden CCG to provide patient input to particular issues. Susan reported back on a workshop on Long Term Medical Conditions (LTMS). She was impressed by the aims of the LTMC strategy, and by Dr Olivia Weller. Dr Smeaton reported that future funding for LTMC patients will be assessed on how well neighbourhood targets are met, rather than individual practices’. Arising out of the study is a proposal to allocate 20 minute appointments to LTMC patients.
  2. The January meeting between the PPG and Reception Staff – was well attended, with about 13 reception staff and 7 PPG members. It was a useful exchange of experiences between patients and staff and feedback from the practice indicated that reception staff had found the meeting valuable. It was agreed to send a letter to the KTHC about signage within the practice, which both patients and reception find confusing. There continue to be concerns about the difficulties in making appointments over the phone. A new system is being introduced shortly which should address some of the present difficulties.
  3. Kathy Graham-Harrison reported back from CPPEG (Camden Public and Patient Engagement Group)
    • The Rapid Response Team prevents unplanned, avoidable admissions to hospital by providing care for people in their homes. Not all GP practices are signed up but James Wigg Practice use and value the service.
    • A national consultation is underway about medicines management, and which medicines should not be routinely prescribed in primary care. The aim is to prioritise NHS funding and support the principle of self-care. There will be clinical exemptions for vulnerable patients. Go to routinely-prescribed/consultation/intro/. The consultation is open till March 14.
    • The CCG is aiming to increase the number of Learning Disability Patients having annual health checks from the present 62% to nearer the national target of 79%. James Wigg has a good record on these health checks.
    • The next PPG Forum meeting will be on Tuesday 10 April (18.00 – 20.30). The main presentation will be on future service delivery through Camden GP Neighbourhoods. All PPG members in Camden are welcome to attend – let Gill or Mimi know if you would like to go and information about venue will be forwarded.


Once a date is settled the PPG/Practice will contact registered carers to invite them to an informal gathering to see whether there would be interest amongst themselves in forming a support group.


Dr Jonathan Levy, the new Managing Partner at James Wigg talked about potential changes for patients as a result of new contract arrangements with the CCG. Practices which have been receiving enhanced funding for personalised services (PMS Practices) will have some funding gradually withdrawn over a four year period, starting in April 2018. James Wigg is a PMS practice and has been given extra resources to provide extra services. For instance the practice offers 12 minute appointments as opposed to the national average of 10 minutes. The consequences of reduced funding are still being assessed and the practice want to limit impact as much as possible, but change is coming. The most immediate impact is likely to be shortened appointment times from the present 12 minutes down to a possible 5 minute consultation, partly to accommodate mandatory 20 minute appointment slots for some patients. Non funded, specialised clinics in dermatology, well-women and physiotherapy clinics are also under threat. As the main spend is on staff, patients may need to adjust to seeing nurses and physician associates, rather than doctors, for non-urgent cases.


An MSK focus group will be held at UCLH on Feb 21 from 11.30 -12.30 to give feedback on the latest version of Camden’s MSK service website.  Patients are welcome to attend to report back on the website. Contact [email protected] giving your name and PPG, or get in touch with Gill or Mimi for more information through [email protected].


Thursday 19 April 2 – 3.30

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