Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Philippa Fraser, Isky Gordon, John Banks, Pat Banks, Kathy Graham-Harrison, Judy Sands, Gordon Meehan.

Practice: Dr Jonathan Levy, Loni Booker.


Patients: Veronica Brinton, Adam Leys, Penny Gamez

Practice: Natasha Smeeton


The previous minutes (also posted on the PPG page of the website) were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.


  1. CPPEGKathy Graham-Harrison, recently elected to CPPEG, reported on a number of meetings she has attended, and emphasized the opportunity CPPEG gives for patients’ voices to be heard. She reminded everyone of the open meetings held every 2 months at St Pancras Hospital, which cover interesting issues, and which anyone can attend. Google CPPEG for more information or email [email protected].
  2. PPG AWARENESS WEEK3 PPG members spent time handing out leaflets and talking to patients about the PPG in June. Overall, they felt that not much interest was shown by patients, and alternative methods for encouraging engagement should be explored. See item below on attracting more patients.
  3. CCG SURVEY ON EQUALITY & INCLUSIONThe CCG is considering ways to improve equality and inclusion in Camden. To help the chair fill in the survey, a discussion was held about what the PPG might do. Suggestions included contacting local ethnic groups, possibly through Voluntary Action Camden, and targeting multi-ethnic secondary schools and their PTAs. Action: Gill

RECEPTION STUDY PPG members are meeting with reception staff on 27th October to exchange views on how well reception works, from the viewpoint of both reception staff and patients. To inform that meeting, PPG members discussed the possibility of a small study using two ways of gathering information:

  • Exit interviews to get patients’ views of how they were dealt with by reception staff. (Judy Sands and Pat Banks expressed an interest in participating)
  • Email some questions to the PPG e-mail list asking patients for feedback on the last time they telephoned or attended reception.

The aim will be to use the information gathered to inform the discussion with reception staff on the 27 October. Final details to be discussed at the next PPG meeting on 20th September. ACTION: Gill & Mimi

ADVANCE CARE PLAN MONTH To take place during flu vaccine month, from beginning of October. There will be information A4 posters in reception and cards available. Any suggestions welcome. ACTION: Isky & Loni


  • Change of staff next week, 3 new permanent staff taken on.
  • Leaving a telephone message about prescriptions will be discontinued from 29thAugust.
  • Complaints: Altogether, 75 complaints from 20,000+ patients were logged anonymously for the year 2015 – 2016. The PPG noted that this was a tiny percentage of a very large practice list.
  • It is mandatory for the Practice to keep its patient list updated. Those patients who have not attended the Practice in the past 18 months are sent a letter and asked to get in touch. This letter is at present being reviewed, and will be brought to next PPG meeting.ACTION: Loni
  • NHS England is making training for PPG members available, and more information will be brought to the PPG.

ATTRACTING MORE PATIENTS TO ENGAGE WITH THE PPG It was suggested that more patients might come to occasional meetings if they were particularly attracted to a topical or controversial subject – introduced by an expert in the field. Suggestions included concerns about allergies; alcohol; child nutrition; antibiotic use. The meeting might begin with a presentation and questions, and only after that revert to PPG business. ACTION: Gill & Mimi to explore subjects with Practice staff.

Next meeting Tuesday 20th September 2016, from 2.30 – 4pm at Kentish Town Health Centre

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