Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Philippa Fraser, Isky Gordon. Mike Fried, John Banks, Penrose Robertson, Penny Gamez, Gordon Meen, Silla Caron, Sue Summerbell

From the Practice: Natasha Smeaton, Philip Posner, Loni Booker

Visitors: Nigel Slator, Camden CCG Pushpsen Joshi, Selina Foroghi, Noclor


Donatella Soldi, Sylvie Mc Ginnis, Kathy Graham-Harrison


The previous minutes (also posted on the PPG page of the website) were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.


The Chair welcomed the visitors from Noclor, and introduced the idea of the PPG undertaking a small study for the Practice on patients’ experience of the nursing services offered.

  • Pushpsen Joshi and Selina Foroghi introducedNOCLOR, an organisation which supports research projects in Camden. Of approximately 300-400 projects a year, none have previously included the James Wigg Practice. It was agreed that a short description of the study would be sent to Noclor.
  • A brief discussion about the potential for a pilot study on nursing services was discussed. It was agreed that an exit interview would be undertaken by PPG members, as patients leave the nurse’s consulting rooms. A few potential questions were discussed, and the adapted questions will be shown to the nurses at their next meeting on Monday 29thFebruary. PPG members interested in taking part in the pilot gave their names to the Vice Chair.


A short presentation by Nigel Slator, described this Camden based digital record data base, which is now live. It allows Camden professionals to access data on Camden patients on a need to know basis. Those who do not wish to be part of it can opt out by filling in a form provided by Reception. The Practice welcomed CIDR as an improved way of providing coordinated care.

PPG members were surprised that the data do not include information as to whether patients have an Advance Decision or Advance Statement (commonly referred to as a Living Will). Nigel Slator promised to take this up with the CCG. It was agreed that a letter should go from the PPG to the CCG mentioning this.


The new leaflet was approved, and will be handed out on National PPG day in June. Details will be set up at the next PPG meeting in June.


  • MEDICAL RECORDS: from April 1st2016 a more complete set of medical records will be available to patients on line. It was agreed that this would be a good item for the next Newsletter.
  • FOUR TREES PRACTICE near Queens Crescent is closing and being absorbed by the James Wigg practice. This will add almost 2000 patients to the Practice list.
  • GP FEDERATION in Camden: one project is to focus on managing long term care planning. The Practice is discussing the possibility of introducing dedicated appointments for long term conditions to plan and review care, aiming to anticipate or avoid hospitalisation.
  • STAFF CHANGES: David Ransley (Practice Manager) is retiring at the end of February. Asif Dewan is now Practice Manager, and Loni Booker Deputy Practice Manager. The new IT manager, Mike Williams, has started. Dr Marek Koperski is on sabbatical, and retiring on at the beginning of April. From September a Physician Associate (science trained post-graduate, with clinical knowledge but no prescription rights) will join the Practice.
  • GP CONTRACT: Negotiations continue, and those practices with PMS contracts are in discussion with the CCG – the final decisions having been delayed until September.


A number of points were raised by PPG members and noted by the Practice:

  • wheelchair users have difficulty in getting through doors at the Practice;
  • the tone of the letter sent out to patients who had missed appointments is perceived as hostile by some patients.
  • having leaflets nearer to where patients sit would be helpful.
  • introducing recycling bins in the reception area would be

The Practice noted these points, and said that it was acting to change the wording in the letter about missed appointments.. It was also mentioned that some changes to the Reception area are being introduced – a new TV screen for example.

The HealthWatch report on GP Practices in Camden was distributed to those who were interested in reading it. PPG members can raise questions regarding this report with the Chair and Vice Chair for potential discussion at another meeting.


Tuesday 24th May from 6pm to 7.30pm

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