Patients: Gill Walt (Chair), Mimi Colahan (Vice Chair), Gordon Meen, Judy Hildebrand, Judy Sands, Susan Hutton, Ruthina Newton, Sheila Sansbury, Kathy Graham-Harrison

Practice: Natasha Smeaton (GP), Siobhan Moriarty (deputy Practice Manager), Helena Michael (Hub), Eddie Davison & Sameer Jamal (IT)


Loni Booker, Veronica Brinton, Isky Gordon, Joanna Terry, Donatella Soldi, Milly Kieve, Cinna Aissa, Adam Leys, Daniel Regan (Freespace)


  • Apologies from Daniel Regan who was ill, but will come to the next PPG meeting to give a presentation on
  • WHAT HAPPENS AT THE HUB by Helena Michael
    • The hub is open from 08.00 to 16.30 every day (closed from 13.00 to 14.00 for lunch)
    • Patients can get their blood pressure and weight checked before appointments with GPs thus saving them time
    • New patients can register at the Hub
    • Patients can sign up for Dementia research at the Dementia kiosk at the Hub
    • A private room is available for the Hub to use when seeing patients.
  • REPORT BACK FROM CPPEG (Camden Participation and Public Engagement Group) Kathy Graham-Harrison
    • A budget squeeze resulted in the loss of one CPPEG member of staff, and the cutting back of two of the open meetings to four meetings per year
    • The ‘long term condition’ working group has been extended to February. There will be a focus group next month.
    • A survey is being undertaken for those with long term health conditions, such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease, among other things, in order to try to improve services.
    • The St Pancras Hospital site is being redeveloped. Plans are at an early stage. Part of the site is likely to be sold off (hopefully to another NHS provider), part will be retained for research and outpatient facilities, and inpatients will move to a facility opposite the Whittington Hospital.
    • Extended access services for all Camden patients, including the James Wigg Practice, will be provided by AT Medics, a for-profit organisation, at the Caversham Practice from 30pm to 8pm on weekdays, and 8am to 8pm on weekends. A number of issues (such as access to patients’ notes) have yet to be ironed out before the service starts at the beginning of December.
    • The new MSK contract led by UCLH is being rolled out; PPG members are invited to a focus group will take place on 24th November 2017 from 13.00 to 14.00.
    • A morning meeting is planned for February or March, inviting carers to discuss whether they would like and use a Support group at the James Wigg. Action: Gill Walt Susah Hutton, Mimi Colahan
    • Boilerhouse will no longer be managing the site, which will be run by the Practice, by Eddie Davison and Sameer Jamal. It has been redeveloped and is more user friendly. Changes will be able to be made in-house, and it will be accessible from mobile phones. People will be able to register on the website, and it will offer Google Translate.
    • EMIS will also be making some changes to the appointment booking and signing in systems.
    • Four new GPs are starting :Dr Francesca Gilbert, Dr Mary Louise Smith, Dr Sasha Dhanjal, Dr Claire Agathou
    • Dr Garlick is retiring.
    • The baby clinic will remain at the James Wigg and will be open to patients from other practices. Health Visitors will be attached.
    • Dr Jonathan Levy has taken over from Dr Philip Posner as Managing Partner.
  • AOB
    • There continue to be some concerns re reception staff who are sometimes seen as unhelpful and unfriendly. It was suggested that this might be taken up in January, when PPG members are invited to a Reception Staff meeting. All welcome on Thursday, 11th January 2018 from 13.00 to 14.00
    • A NAPP meeting to discuss Continuity of Care will be held on December 2 at the General Medical Council, 350 Euston Road from 1pm – 4.30. PPG members are welcome to attend.
    • At the next PPG meeting in February, there will be a vote for a new Chair and vice Chair.
  • Meeting dates for 2018
    • 2 – 3.30 Thursdays 8 February; 19 April; 22 November
    • 6 – 7.30 Thursdays 5 July; 20 September
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