We’ve experienced a sharp increase in patients requesting our clinicians officialise medical exemption forms for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Please be advised that we will only accept official government documentation by phoning 119.

We would like to stress the following points:

  • There are limited medical reasons that a GP can sign on to justify medical exemption from the vaccine.
  • Your GP will only be able to verify facts about you health that can be clearly referenced from your medical record. This is national guidance and not unique to our practice.
  • Allergies constitute immune responses that cause breathing problems, itchy rash all over, lip and throat swelling, etc.
  • If the doctor/clinician believes you may have a potential allergy, they will refer you to the allergy service. A pharmacist trained in this area will review your records and will either:
  1. Contact you to confirm you do not have an allergy
  2. Call you to inquire further
  3. Refer you to the hospital allergy service 



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