As a Patient, you will have already been allocated a “Usual Doctor” who is the named doctor in the practice who looks after you.  The team you are in depends on who your usual doctor is.

There are 3 teams— the Blue Team, Green Team, and Red Team

More information about the team system and a list of Doctors in each team can be found on information_about_the_system_for_appointments

Please find below a list of Doctors and the days that they are in clinics:


Dr Philip Posner Managing Partner: Monday - Friday

Dr Natasha Smeaton (Prescribing): Monday - Tuesday/Thursday - Friday

Dr Stephen Yaxley (Long-Term Conditions Clinic Lead): Monday- Wednesday and Friday

Dr Jonathan Levy (Camden Clinical Commissioning Group): Monday - Tuesday /Thursday - Friday

Dr Kavitha Gowribalan Salaried Partner (Long-Term Conditions Clinic Lead): On maternity leave.

Dr Dilini Kalupahana

Salaried Doctors

Dr Jessica Baron Special Interests: Female Health Monday - Thursday

Dr Richard Garlick Special Interests: Education and Minor Surgery - Tuesday

Dr Sally Higginbottom Special Interests: Female Health and Teaching Tuesday - Friday

Dr Jane Sackville-West Special Interests: Teaching and Training Monday - Thursday

Dr Rajni Shah: Monday and Tuesday

Dr Sarah Worboys: Monday - Wednesday and Friday

Dr Lyann Gross: Tuesday - Wednesday

Dr Louise Callis: On maternity leave

Dr Laura Said: Monday - Friday

Dr Hannah Smithers: Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday Mornings.

Dr Hannah Carter: Monday - Friday Mornings, Tuesday and Wednesday PM

Dr Catriona Hall: Monday - Thursday 

Please find below a list of our specialist training doctors

GP Registrars

Dr Hannah Davies: Monday - Wednesday and Friday

Dr Elvire Kasse: Monday - Thursday

Dr John Barber: Tuesday and Thursday

Dr Lena Chen: Monday - Wednesday

Dr Katie Baker: Monday - Friday

Dr Roohi Aslam: Monday - Friday 

Dr Penelope Chatzimichalaki Wednesday - Friday

Dr Muhammed Abdur – Rahman: Monday - Friday

FY2 Doctors

Dr Shailee Sheth: Monday - Friday